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Want more information? Please review our Service Contract/Policies Document.

Meet the Staff of Arizona Pet Sitting

black-dogAt Arizona Pet Sitting, we understand that your home and your pets are precious to you, and we honor the trust you place in us by allowing us to care for them. We pledge to always treat your home and your pets with respect, kindness and compassion.

When an Arizona Pet Sitting staff member comes to your home, you can be confident in the person’s integrity, compassion and ability.  All of our employees are:

  • Bonded and insured
  • Trained in animal first aid, animal CPR and pet handling
  • Background checked
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Experienced in the care and treatment of your home, your plants, your pets and animals, and your surroundings

Tricia Bryski, Owner

Tricia brings an entrepreneurial approach and a true passion for animals to Arizona Pet Sitting. “I have always had a bond with animals,” she says.  Read more…

Jenna L’Italien

Jenna is Tricia’s daughter and is a very active pet sitter with our dogs.  She is currently studying to become a personal trainer/nutritionist.  She is also a CrossFit enthusiast and loves to exercise and run with our clients dogs.   Read more…

Megan Thorson

Megan likes to hang out and be with the animals she cares for. “I think petting and spending time with the animals makes them feel safe and secure especially with their owners being away,” she says. Read more…

Ashley Trueman

Ashley is passionate about the causes that are close to her heart, so it comes as no surprise that she is a genuine “crazy pet person.”  Read more…

Brandon Peters

Brandon and his wife Jenn have a natural love of animals and their home life reflects that of most of our clients.  Read more…

Want more information? Please review our Service Contract/Policies Document.

How will you know if our company is for you?

We will be a great fit for you and your fur kids if you also believe companion animals are an extension of your family. We hold all animals with deep regard and respect and our care will always reflect that belief. We stand behind these statements in the following ways.

We believe in paying for dog training for our employees so they are knowledgeable about dog behaviors, which reduces animal anxiety and enhances playtime.

We believe in paying for employee certificates for our employees in cat and dog first aid and CPR so they are prepared for an emergency.

We believe our sitters and walkers should be employees; that means your homeowner’s policy will not be at risk in the event of an in-home injury or accident.

We believe you should feel secure your dog or cat is happy and safe at home so we communicate via photos, emails and texts while you are away.

We believe small details, that could cause big problems, should not be overlooked and we have developed a specific checklist to ensure all tasks are completed.

We believe our employees are amazing partners and deserve to be fairly compensated for the important work they do. We may not be your cheapest option for in-home pet care but we stand behind our care and will always ensure you and your animals are extremely satisfied.

Our single goal is to have you come home to content animals.