Doggie Home Care

We make it all about your dog’s day! Doggie Home Care is an exclusive monthly scheduled daily dog care service only provided by Arizona Pet Sitting. Our busy executives have asked to have a new service added and due to popular demand we have obliged.

Do you take your dog to doggie day care a few times a week? We now offer Doggie Home Care, where the care comes to your dog.

Pricing per Month
5 days a week $850
3 days a week $500
2 days a week $325

We stay with your dog 2 hours a day, the days you need during the work week and we provide all these services, and more on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule:

  • Fun photos
  • New toys
  • Pool time for swimmers or Water play
  • Walk or playtime
  • Creative playtime with puzzles
  • Wash dog crates and beds
  • Clean doggie door areas
  • Wash food bowls and eating areas
  • Simple training and tricks
  • Flea and tick treatments
  • Remove doggie nose prints
  • Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Health Monitoring
  • And a whole lot more

For questions on pricing or more information about Doggie Home Care, call 602.326.9994 so we can accommodate your special dog!