Meet Megan Thorson

MeganJuggling a full-time office job, classes at Glendale Community College and pet sitting responsibilities keeps Megan Thorson pretty busy. Nevertheless, she always has time for a lively game of fetch, a walk around the neighborhood or a warm cuddle with the pets she cares for.

“When I’m taking care of animals, I try to make sure they’re comfortable and happy,” says Megan. “In addition to feeding, watering and cleaning up after them, I like to just hang out and be with them. I think it makes them feel safe and secure especially with their owners being away.”

Megan is a Phoenix-area native who has lived in the Valley for 21 years. A lifelong pet owner and animal lover, she currently lives with a Chihuahua, a terrier and three cats, one of whom is blind and suffers seizures. Megan enjoys the flexibility and variety of being a pet sitter. She often does in-home overnights and, as a result, she gets up close and personal with the animals she is caring for.

“Every animal has its own personality. Some like to play and go on walks; some just like to hang out and be pet or brushed. Some animals enjoy music or TV and others are comforted by simply having someone nearby. I try to get to know each pet individually and establish a friendship so they feel safe and comfortable with me,” she says.