Arizona Pet Sitting Pet Care Services

We are a Phoenix professional in-home pet service providing reliable, compassionate, care for your pet.

At Arizona Pet Sitting, we understand that your home and your pets are precious to you, and we honor the trust you place in us by allowing us to care for them. We pledge to always treat your pets and your home with respect, kindness and compassion.

In-home Pet Care: Includes a relaxing belly rub session at no charge

We are proud to be one of the top Phoenix and Arizona Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services.  Arizona Pet Sitting pet sitters provide customized care for your pets and your home with attention to the details you specify when you schedule an appointment. Our pet sitters visit at designated time blocks and strive to maintain your pets’ schedule and routine and appointments are customized to each pet.  It is not one-size fits all.  In-home pet care assures your pets have companionship, comfort, stimulation and reassurance in your absence.
 In-Home Pet Care services include:

  • Love and attention
  • No specific limit on pet number
  • Fresh water and food
  • Administration of medications, as needed
  • Playing, petting, brushing or light grooming
  • Clean up after pets on walkways or in yard
  • Litter box scooped and litter area cleaned
  • Straighten up pets’ habitat
  • Mail, newspapers, packages and flyers brought in
  • Plants watered
  • Lights and blinds alternated
  • Trash and recycle bins placed
  • Home and yard checked after storms
  • Additional pet care services and other routine tasks can be arranged to meet the needs of your pets and to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Rates depend, call for more information 602.326.9994

Dog walking and Pet Exercise: Great exercise and a pleasurable experience

There are lots of good reasons to walk your pooch. Regular exercise promotes mental health, heart health, balance, coordination, muscle tone, discipline and agility in dogs. And don’t forget fun! A walk is a time of companionship and socialization. When you don’t have time or cannot be available to take your dog(s) out walking or even jogging, we will do it for you.

Our Phoenix dog walkers and and in-home pet sitters are knowledgeable about canine health and behavior and will take special care to ensure that your dog is exercised safely and appropriately for its breed, age and individual personality. Walks can be for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes, as you specify. Walks are customized to ensure an enjoyable outing, especially during the hot summer months.

Rates start at $29.00.

Potty & Play Breaks

Arizona Pet sitting offers a Potty & Play Break service designed for pets that need to be taken outside periodically for fresh air, a change of environment and to answer nature’s call with extra time spent for exploration and play.

This service is ideal for pets who suffer from loneliness or boredom when left alone and for puppies and young dogs who might otherwise get into mischief. A potty & play break gives doggies needed stimulation, playtime and something to look forward to while you are at work or too busy with activities.

Rates start at $26.00.

Overnight Sleepovers with your Pets

Custom Overnight Service. We will arrive in the evening around 7PM and pamper your pets until morning. All home and pet care is included, including walks.

Rates start at $99.00.

Emergency pet care and customized services: Pet care 365 days a year.

Arizona Pet Sitting can provide pet care on short notice or customized services on an emergency basis.  Just give us a call 602.326.9994.

Rates depend, call for more information 602.326.9994

Locations Serviced:

Phoenix, North Phoenix (within the Valley communities of Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley), Westwing Mountain, Sonoran Mountain Ranch, Terramar, Deer Valley Estates, Fletcher Heights, Wyndham Village, Patrick Ranch, Hillcrest Ranch, Sierra Verde, Highlands at Arrowhead Ranch, Arrowhead Ranch, Arrowhead Lakes, Top of the Valley, Pinnacle Hill, Pinnacle Heights, Stetson Valley, Stetson Hills,  and Pyramid Heights.