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Show the LOVE: Prepare for your pet sitter

DSC_1255You can help ensure that pet care assignments you book with Arizona Pet Sitting will be successful for you, your pets and your pet sitter. Here are some tips that will help your sitter provide the best possible care for your precious pets while you are away.  And It’s as easy as entering in the information into Power Petsitter when you register for your care.  Also, it is always great to look over and confirm the information is still current for your pets.

  • Be sure to leave enough food, treats, kitty litter, etc. for the time you will be away.
  • Let your pet sitter know where extra pet care and cleaning supplies are kept.
  • Let the sitter know where to locate pet carriers, leashes and other pet accessories
  • Provide the name, phone number and address of your vet.
  • Let your vet know that you will be out of town and that a pet sitter will be caring for your pets.
  • If your pet is on medication, let the sitter know and feel free to leave detailed written instructions on how/when meds are to be administered.
  • If your pet will be outdoors or going for walks please ensure your pet can be identified in the event he escapes from the yard or leash.
  • Provide outdoor pets with an adequate water bowl, shelter and a secure enclosure.
  • Leave toys and other familiar objects for your pet to play with while you’re away.
  • Leave your home at a comfortable temperature for your pets.
  • If your pet enjoys music, television or other forms of entertainment, be sure the pet sitter knows how to operate your equipment and what channel your pet prefers.
  • Let the pet sitter know if anyone will be in your home or has access to your home while you are away.
  • Provide accurate contact information and specify how you prefer to be contacted in case of an emergency (email, text, phone call, etc.)
  • It’s also a good idea to provide the name and phone number of a friend, neighbor, landlord or someone else to be notified in case the pet sitter is not able to reach you.  Again, easily updated when you use our easy software to schedule your visits.