What to expect

Professional, personal, compassionate, care for your furry loved ones

Your pets can’t tell you what a visit from Arizona Pet Sitting is like, but we can. This is what and your pet can expect from us when we come to call:

More than just basic pet and home care

When we come into your home, the first thing we do is to greet and engage with your pets. We speak to them, address them by their name, reassuring them with verbal and physical attention. We check to be sure they are comfortable, calm, healthy and not overly stressed or anxious about your absence.

Next, we do a quick visual check of your home and premises to be sure everything is secure, that nothing is amiss, and that safety is not compromised in any way.  We also take this opportunity to locate and check on any shy pets that may be hiding under a bed or in a closet.

After making sure that the surroundings are okay, we move ahead with providing creature comforts such as fresh water, fresh food and cleanup of pet areas, litter boxes, etc. We let dogs out or take them for a walk or a romp. We play fetch, cuddle, Frisbee or ball, and lavish your pet(s) with pats, scratches, hugs and our famous belly rubs. We also clean pets’ dishes and straighten out the play or sleeping areas as needed.

Before leaving your home, we perform household chores as specified in your instructions, such as moving the trash or recycling bins, bringing in mail/packages/newspapers, turning lights/music/heat/AC/TV on or off or watering plants.

Quality time with your family members

An important part of our service is quality time with your pet/s. We take the time to build trust and develop rapport with the animals in our care.  Your four-legged kids will receive love and attention, respect and socialization.

Oh, and fun, too! We take the time to cuddle, brush, give treats, communicate and play a game of fetch or ball. We do whatever it takes to make sure our furry friends are calm, comfortable and happy.


You will not wonder how your pet is doing, because our pet sitters will update you each day in the manner you choose. Also, if an extra day of service is required or a special circumstance comes up, no problem, we will quickly respond and set your mind at ease.

You can contact Arizona Pet Sitting by phone, text message, email or written notes when we arrive for your visit.  At your visit times, we will update you just as you specify on your appointment form. We can provide a follow-up message or note to let you know that your pets are okay, and to tell you about anything we noticed or enjoyed with your kiddos, and send a photo.  Or if you want to get away and only want to know if there is a problem our motto will be; no news is good news.

Please know If your pet appears to be sick or injured or overly anxious about your absence, we will contact you immediately.  We will also add visits as we see fit if we have concerns about your pet’s health.